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Best Selling French Classes: 

1.     French for Children: 

  •  French Speech & Drama: 

    During this programme, though gestures, creative speech, songs, plays and dances, children will be able to develop the four essential skills in French language: listening, speaking, writing and reading. Their thought and creativity are also being enhanced through dramatic, literary and creative skills which also boost up their self-esteem and hence easily make friends.

  •  Les Franco Papillons: 

   This course is exclusively programmed for children who have undergone the French education system intending to return to France, or to students that are planning to study in France, Switzerland or any other French-speaking countries.


   Bonus!   The best student from the Academic French Path for primary student could have a chance to enter this programme and be qualified to get an admission to French School.  

  •  French In-Lieu of Mother Tongue: 

    This is especially catered to students that are taking or going to take French as their Mother Tongue. Classes will be conducted throughout the year following the school terms. Hence, students can be exempted from other Mother Tongue Language such as Mandarin (Chinese), Bahasa (Malay), etc.  


2.     Academic French:


o   For 'O' Level, 'A' Level French (MOELC: Sec 1, Sec2, Sec 3, JC1):


   This programme catered for students taking French as Mother Tongue or 3rd language. Focus on all the four essential skills in French language so that you can score high grades in your academic profile.


o    DELF/DALF Preparatory Course (A1/A2/B1/B3/C1/C2):


    This is an academic course for students that are planning to get the admission into Institutions and Universities in France. The mission of this course is more than preparing students to get a passing result but also able to achieve high grades and stand greater chance of entering their desired Universities.


3.      Conversational French 

   French Expresso

    The program is well crafted to precipitate the learning process in a very innovative way. Participants will naturally strive to speak the language in the early stage of the program through a high interactive class setting. Teacher and Participants will actively communicate in the desired French language via varied simulating scenarios. The program is most suitable to working adults who may find hard time to accomodate their busy schedule to go through lengthy lessons. With 90 minutes per session, you will find that your desire to master French communication is totally possible.


4.  Corporate French Training Programme 


    This is exceptionally for corporation’s staffs who are required to obtain the language on-site within a given period of time without compromising quality of the course. With experiences acquired after years of teaching, we are proud not only to be a trustful companion in language but also a partner in business. 


5.   French Classes for Both Parents and Child


    The programme is passionately formulated for parents and their young child (from 6yrs to 11yrs) by our hearty teachers who are deeply understanding and adoring the relationship between parents and child. Parents can feel free and easy to join their child in the class, learn what they learn at school and become friends in language at home.


     Ultimately, it is the parents who have the great impact on their child development. With us, parents and child are greatly important. Let’s go through the programme and you will also discover more about your child.


6.  Others 

French Educational Tours 

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